Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Close Packing

sorry for the hiatus in posting this summer but between the beautiful weather, being busy at the office, and spending time with my 21 month-old daughter i just couldn't find time to post anything new. but alas with the warm summer days gone and vacations nearly forgotten i will be focusing back onto production mode.

above are some images of my interpretation of 'RCP' (random close packing) on a surface. essentially a educlidean grid was generated on the surface,randomly rotated curves were plotted relative to the surface normals and used as paths to extrude variable curve profiles plotted on the surface. a random color range was applied to each surface relative to its z-coordinates.

random close packing (RCP) is an empirical parameter used to characterize the maximum volume fraction of solid objects obtained when they are packed randomly. --Wikipedia

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