Thursday, July 3, 2008


here are a few images of experimenting in creating a large ceiling as an aggregation of pixels.


ashianguy said...

i love the forms you imagined, i am in first year of architecture school and am learning how to use 3dsmax at the moment, but after seeing the stuff you have done with rhino, i will start using it too. i have a blog with various stuff i made on 3dsmax, at
i have no experience at using rhino and it would be so awsome if you could give me little pointers and tips about how to use a simple tool to make something with that 'x factor' i see a lot in your work.

ashianguy said...

i am still a noob in 3dsmax though, i have only played around with it for about 2 months now. i read a lot about scripting in your blog, is the actual scripts you used part of the rhino program, or do you have to type up your own scripts for use? if so, how may i learn to type scripts?

plx said...


I want to see more of this new approach of yours.

Nuno Varela

victor66 said...

nice blog. i already start with scripts as you see with honeycomb. im very interested on it. i hope to find some workshop.!