Sunday, April 6, 2008

surface tesselation

i've been working on tessellating complex surfaces with flat panels. in order to achieve fixed seams triangulation seems to be the obvious choice so focus can be applied on the design of the reveal between panels. this script plots a grid of points on the surface, draws a polyline through 3 points, rounds the edges of the polyline, and then creates the panel surface.


Rodrigo Medina said...

Hi my name is rodrigo i have been watching your blog and your work its very amazing, If its posible i would like to no know how do you make that the polylines go through the surface points i have figured out how to plot the points on a surface and how to round de corners of a closed polyline but y dont know whow to make the lines folow the points. any help you could give would be very aprecciated.thanks Again excelent work

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm a student of architecture from Italy, can you post the algoritm on this page? now I'm developing a project of a pavillion on grasshopper. Thank you for the help and availability! and compliments for your work! :)