Saturday, August 18, 2007

voronoi cells

testing surface patterns through applying a voronoi script on to a surface.


Andrea Graziano said...

Hi lucio,
intersting blog and iteresting post-graduate thesis.
Arch. Andrea Graziano

K4rl33 said...

Hi Lucio,
I really like your blog;
What kind of script did you use to apply the voronoi to a curve surface?
I usually do it with pointset reconstruction, but the result is not good with curve surfaces...

Matt Bowman said...

Lucio, love the work. Its been inspirational during my undergrad thesis. I was wondering if you had any tips for rendering objects like your voronoi cells. Its really nice the way the background is so even and the base surface's shadows are so evenly dispersed. Ive tried a number of different settings in Maxwell but cant seem to get it right. Thanks and keep up the good wor