Thursday, September 27, 2007

Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion

older site photos, provided by Manuela Gatto.

interior view of the "belly" / central pile cap with steel plate "diaphrams".

interior view of the steel plate "diaphrams".

view from beneath the steel plate "diaphrams".

1:1 facade mockup

Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion - Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher

here are a few more photos of the bridge on site, provided by Manuela Gatto.

bridge deck was created by a series of "diaphrams" or ribs with steel paneling underside, bent and welded at the central support "belly" to form double curvature. 2 spinal arches "top chords" transfer loads to the pilecaps at both ends and centre of the bridge. connecting the deck to the "top chords" is the faceted diagrid which also acts as the secondary facade structure.

it was a great project to work on, rationalizing the geometry from the competition stage to construction documents, achieving repetition in the facade panelization while using planar structural elements to reduce cost.

all modeling was done in Rhino 3. Shop drawings were generated from a Catia 3d model.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


further development of the cabana module as a double-sided system sharing a central media / structural base.